Add NLP-powered search & commands to your product is a headless action panel that transforms natural language into contextual help and multi-step commands

Early access

Drive instant Product Adoption

Help users navigate complex tasks and interfaces by providing actionable search

Offload Support and Customer Success

Reduce contact rate of support & customer success and help customers help themself

Add Accessibility

Add accessibility to those being disabled or confined by language

Expand Revenue & Reduce Churn

Showcase new functionality and use Instructive to generate new revenue's

The connective tissue between natural language & complex applications

Instructive enables everyone to master complex tools. Regardless of ability.

Actionable Search via cmd + k

Offer help in any language and let users thrive through an intelligent co-pilot
Contextual Help can leverage your help center content and present relevant help whenever a user needs it
Multi-Application Actions
Leverage all your integrations and enable users to create actions throughout several apps
Guide users to value fast and help them leverage the most successful commands via an enriched playbook library.
Easy implementation

Instructive is built as a headless component. You do the styling, we do the heavy lifting

Powerful Customization
Customize styling, events, and functionality of our headless command palette
Actionable Insights
Send usage data and search terms to your favorite destinations to improve your product and documentation

It's time to equip your users with superpowers

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